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White and Green Nails with 'love', Dreamchatcher, Feather and Dots. Very pretty! I have to say, I am really into this feather design.

Don't do my nails very often at all, but I would totally go through the torture of a manicure if I could get the dreamcatcher ( though better looking than this one) and the feathers!

Chihuahua puppy on a trampoline!

In case you're having a bad day, here's a Chihuahua puppy on a trampoline!hahah flying chihuahua coming our way this is not my dog none of these are my dog btw

5 Chihuahua Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

My dog loves coffee too! I found out the hard way that even a tiny bit or coffee is bad for a chiweenie though. Now she gets milk, a tiny bit of sugar, and just enough decaf to give it a coffee taste. She drinks her coffee beside me every weekend.