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three wooden boats with cats painted on them hanging from the side, one has a tree branch in front of it
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a flower pot with flowers painted on it
Hand Painted terra cotta pot
a wind chime with ornaments hanging from it's sides on a concrete wall
there are pictures of kitchen items in this collage
Cutting Board Revival
1 repurposed cutting board + 1 wood bowl make kitchen wall art full of country charm!
an old pair of rusty tools hanging on a door
a wall mounted candle holder with candles on it
First Sticker Time of The Year!
I hate big spoons - I generally use little spoons/teaspoons now I have something to look forward too doing sometime this year 2012 Reminder may be needed :)
a candle sits in a metal bowl on a wooden stand with a wood paneled wall behind it
Vintage Ladle Candle Holder
Vintage Ladle Candle Holder www.homeroad.net. Love candles? Buy the best at www.PartyLite.biz/NikkiHendrix
an image of a bottle opener hanging on a wall
How to Make Hooks From Vintage Rakes
Repurposed-vintage-garden-tools www.homeroad.net
a red gate with a wreath on it
Beautiful Garden Gates! Home Inspiration
Beautiful backyard garden inspiration for your home! Creative gates for a gorgeous entryway into a yard or flower garden. Lovely tour of homes.
a red iron fence surrounded by plants and flowers
15 Most Creative Fencing Ideas That You Can Try Now
great way to include even 1 piece of iron fencing// possible trellis even #GardenGate
an assortment of tools hanging on a wooden wall
Aexer Riot De'vintage
Aexer Riot De'vintage
some shelves are stacked high and ready to be used
Яндекс.Почта — бесплатная и надежная электронная почта
a hand holding a key to a black and white door lock with a red handle
Where are the keys? ....I know a couple people that could benefit from this myself included!!!
an old window frame is hung on the wall next to a stair case and framed pictures
Top 25 Best and Interesting Ways To Repurpose Old Windows - The ART in LIFE
If you are DIY lovers, to reuse and recycle old windows is indeed an inspiring idea. Every time when you