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a hand is pointing at some paper plates with designs on them and a drawing of a horse in the middle
Personalisierte Schmuckstücke
Personalisierte Schmuckstücke
a cross stitch heart with flowers on it
a cross stitch pattern with blue flowers and birds on the bottom, in a circle
���� #21 - �������� 2 - elena-555
This would be an excellent pattern to project onto the wall for the giant cross stitch mural....
a cross stitch pattern with hearts and flowers in the shape of an animal's head
Grille gratuite point de croix : Coeur arabesque (coussin alliance) - Passion creative
Coeur Arabesque (Arabesque Heart), designed by Passion Creative Blogger Isa.
a cross stitch pattern with red and white designs on the bottom, in two rows
Patroontjes | Merkwaardig
would make nice Fair Isle peeries knit in horizontal stripes
a cross stitch pattern with hearts on it
Signet dentelle - Aurelle
heart bookmark
a cross stitch tree with pink hearts on it's branches and the words love written in
Free : Love Tree - Les tites'croix de Ludivine
Would love to know how I could paint this on my wall... it's 200 by 195... my wall is 93 inches tall.. I just can't figure out the math to it :(
a heart with words written on it and an image of a bird in the middle
“The gift is small, the love is great…”
Cindy at her Country Home: Free pattern gift Cindy at her Country Home
a cross stitch pattern with a bird in a cage on it's back side
Le blog de vava
two cross stitch patterns with hearts on them
���� #6 - Heart-Flutter - natalytretyak
(1) Gallery.ru / Foto # 4 - Hart-Flutter - natalytretyak
a cross - stitch heart is shown in the middle of a graph paper with stars and snowflakes on it