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Adéla Chvostová

Adéla Chvostová
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Little Blue Child by Yuri-World-Ruler

Just a work of boredom once again. Made With XNALara Models from Here (Shepard, Miran. Little Blue Child

I wish this should work for me... I cried too much, lost too much health, too much friends betrayed me for stupid reason like being popular...

So true, especially in the games context, but also with people in real life about all kinds of things. Those kinds of people make me want to go through the day, knowing that they're still around and fighting means I can too.

Between the Lines, Bosh'tet - Tali" Stickers by EclipsedSoul ...

‘Between the Lines, Bosh'tet - Tali’ T-Shirt by EclipsedSoul

ME2: mission by ~QueenMargo on deviantART

Grunt is indifferent. ____________________________ Tegaki E, Wacom Bamboo Art - ~QueenMargo, 2011 all characters © Bioware Other comics and drawings with my Shepard: name .