Adel Červenková

Adel Červenková

Adel Červenková
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James Arthur

He is such a talented singer. His lyrics are "the ugly truth" and the songs are just. He sings about the true world, where people are hurt.

British men...(yeah, you knew I would have to repin - I married a British "boy" - his accent...)

All so true! I just need to find a list on reasons to date an Irish boy! I can make one: He's Irish. His accent. He's Irish. His accent. He's Irish. His accent. Irish boys are cuter than American boys.

British men  @Emily Schoenfeld Dempsey BAHAHAHAHAHA!

The League of Long-legged Gentlemen with Prominent Cheekbones (Matt Smith, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hiddleston)