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Make Up, Makeup
Kiko glosses pink
the sun is setting over the ocean with cliffs in the distance and people walking on the beach
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the shelves are filled with different types of perfumes and bottles in front of a mirror
three young men in black hoodies and sunglasses posing for the camera with their hands up
two people standing on stage with microphones in their hands
Milion+, Nik Tendo, Yzomandias
the little book of dior is on display
an aerial view of the fairground at dusk with ferris wheel and carnival rides in the foreground
an amusement park at night with roller coasters
rose petals floating on the surface of a bathtub with candles in the back ground
pink flowers floating in a bathtub filled with water
a bouquet of pink flowers sitting on top of a seat in a car with paper wrapped around it
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