Adéla Brázdová

Adéla Brázdová

Adéla Brázdová
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Landscape by Adisida on DeviantArt

After long time I tried use oil pastels.everybody need to learn oil pastels Landscape

levhart snezny (panthera uncia) neboli irbis :-) by Adisida on DeviantArt

oil pastel, markers, pencils thanks for the help with the eye and tajing photo to Anbeads levhart snezny (panthera uncia) neboli irbis :-)

Dog by Adisida on DeviantArt

Dog by Adisida on DeviantArt

Rose by Adisida on DeviantArt

Size cca cm used markers - green and red and purple, light and dark green, dark blue and white marker in size Rose

Is someone there? by Adisida on DeviantArt

by Adisida

Butterfly wing | Photo by Jim Hoffman

I chose this image because it has lot's of texture. This is an image of a butterfly wing - zoomed in. I think this image is amazing because you can see all the little details of the wing close up. This image has a lot of texture.


Nap time for me dad. Okay son . Yes son you know I love you and look out for you. So you can go To sleep now. Thanks dad. Your welcome son.