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SHADOW DRAWING - Mini Mad Things

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two pieces of paper cut out to look like flowers on the ground next to each other
SHADOW DRAWING - Mini Mad Things
the text reads polaroid filter exposure - 50 highlights - 38 shadows - 29 contrast 24 black point - 70 warmth 81 sharpeness 27 sharpness
How to edit-go photos and top right corner press “edit” then follow this
a collage of photos with text describing polaroid color
the words are in different languages and have pictures on them
Soft skin Filter!!
two pictures of a white cat on top of a fence with the caption bad luck
Iphone photos app edit, vintage camera roll filter
an iphone screen showing the time and location of films in different locations around the world
an advertisement for the 1990s's filter, featuring photos of women in jeans and jackets
100+ Filters Preset Setting 2022
100+ Filters Preset Setting 2022
an info sheet with information about the different types of filters and their corresponding colors are shown
Asthetik schonheit
the rain is coming down and it's time to get some fun in the dark