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Krasný výhled na hrad

Castel Requesens - Catalonia (Spain) - Probably existing since the century, the castle is mentioned for the first time in the century. In the century, the ruined castle was rebuilt in a neo-medieval style

Malý hrad ve Španělsku

FSU Valencia is the yellow building to the right! That was my home for 5 weeks in the summer of

Stary dům ve španělsku

SPAIN - The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Monserrat is built into the mountain and offers visitors a staggering view. Monserrat is translated 'sawed mountain'. It is about 45 km northwest of Barcelona.

Velký hrad

Don Quixote, Plaza de Espana, Madrid, with the monument to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - SPAIN - Libertas - De Oppresso Liber - Semper Fidelis - Semper Paratus

Katedrála v barceloně

Barcelona, Spain - Sagrada Familia - Gaudi I've been there once but didn't get to see the light through the stained glass like this!

Krasný hrad ve španělsku zasněžený

alcazar-castle-of-segovia-spain.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by staffpicks. Find other alcazar-castle-of-segovia-spain.jpg pictures and photos or .

Sevilla, Španělsko

Seville, capital of Andalusia, is a very lively and warm city. Thanks to its monumental heritage and its historic and cultural tradition, it is one of the most appreciated Spanish resorts by tourists from all over the world.

Zase jinači pohle na Barcelonu

Fabra Observatory, Barcelona, ​​Catalonia - I have to visit this one day :D

Jídlo !!

Funny pictures about Husky Dogs Imitating A Crawling Baby. Oh, and cool pics about Husky Dogs Imitating A Crawling Baby. Also, Husky Dogs Imitating A Crawling Baby photos.

Asi se chtěli jen vykoupat :D

Underwater Dogs is a best seller book by award-winning photographer Seth Casteel. The book contains over 80 unique and exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater in pursuit of a ball. The pictures give us another view of our old friends dete

Krýjte se palba !

i woke up at 3 AM to go do some thing for cheer (the food bank at ch and a lady gave me a tape gun and i was like A GUN! then i shot the lady and my friend and i was like PEW PEW PEW then the lady was like stop and my friend took my gun.