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an artist's rendering of the royal palace in england, with its courtyard and gardens
BNP Media
Few monuments enjoy the international recognition of Versailles, the French royal chateau located 12 miles southwest of Paris.
an aerial view of a castle and gardens
Aerial view of beautiful Fontainebleau!
a castle with red flowers in the foreground and green bushes on either side, against a blue sky with white clouds
Hluboke Castle, Czeck Republic
an artist's rendering of a palace with a lake in the foreground and gardens on either side
Chambord Castle & Domain (Official)
If you visit one Chateaux (castle) in the Loire Valley or indeed France it should probably be Chambord
an island in the middle of the ocean with cars on it and people walking around
Normandie: Wie der Mont-Saint-Michel wieder eine Insel wird - WELT
Steht das Wasser hoch genug, wird die Stegsenke geflutet und der Mont-Saint-Michel ist wieder das, was er über Jahrhunderte war: eine echte Insel im Wattenmeer der Normandie.
many people are walking on a bridge over some rocks and mountains with birds flying in the sky
Pair Of Giant Cradling Hands Suspend A Golden Bridge In The Bà Nà Hills Near Da Nang, Vietnam | CutesyPooh
an aerial view of a tunnel in the mountains with people walking up it and on top
Heaven gate in China
Heaven gate in China - Imgur
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of trees
Fairytale scenery 🏰 Hohenzollern Castle, Germany. Photo by @_andre.diaz #nature
an aerial view of a castle surrounded by trees
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria in Germany - 'Mad' King Ludwig II had it build
an aerial view of a castle on top of a hill with green grass and fields in the background
Spiš Castle, Slovakia - The ruins of Spiš Castle in eastern Slovakia form one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. The castle is situated above the town of Spišské Podhradie and the village of Žehra, in the region known as Spiš.
the statue of christ stands on top of a hill overlooking rio de la americas and mountains
🐈Por isso o mundo está assim amor! Falta sensibilidade e sobra ignorância. Love cat! 🐈💟