Tiny baby lion playing with leaves

Tiny baby lion playing with leaves

Tiny lion cub playing with leaves

Baby orangutan

Baby Orangutan --I can do " the splits".WHILE climbing a tree!

I seriously can't explain in words how much I love everything about this photo.

Listening to Kriss Kross: "Jump.The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump. The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump.Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump.

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Surfing the biggest waves in the world, Action Sports Hub will bring you the best of the best in the extreme world of sports.


How to photograph silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps my fav carnival ride

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Kite running is not only what initially lead Hosseini to begin to write "The Kite Runner", but the kite's themselves represent Amir at the end. Amir is finally free of his guilt much like a kite is finally free after it has been cut by it's opponent.

Bouncing Bunny

~~Bouncing Bunny by Kurt Bowman~~ Spring hare!

excitable cat.

Wave your paws in the air. Wave em like you just don't care Kitten Cats

Braving the storm, by Joseph Tam ‘This shot was taken from a fishing village in Dianbai, in China’s Guangdong province.


Gypsy: “Dance is active meditation. When we dance, we go beyond thought, beyond mind and beyond our own individuality to become one in the divine ecstasy of the union with the cosmic spirit. This is the essence of the trance dance experience.

Games in a bubble, by Juan Luis Duran, Musetouch.

"Games in a bubble" by Juan Luis Duran. ° Don't pop my bubble.

great photo

Heaven is a place on earth - Conceptual photography by Anja Buhrer, clouds, water, reflection, photo

Wheelchair rock climbing......that's MILEANHOUR!

Heart-stopping extreme sport: Wheelchair rock climbing.thats MILEANHOUR!

Handstand TA DA !!!!

All Beautiful Animals,Birds & Flowers

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Bungee jump off macau tower

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Time-lapse photography - Diving into the ocean