Grow strawberries in rain gutters!

How to Grow Strawberries in Rain Gutters

Repurpose rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.Recycle rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.

Blooming cacti.     العجيب هو اختلاف الشكل واللون والحجم لهذه الزهور مع أن الأصل وهو الصبار يكاد يكون واحد  ،، وسبحان الله الخالق المصور !!

Blooming Cactus Garden - Perfect for the desert. Plant various varieties close together for a fantastic variety of color.

Good to know: Orange slices in a dish attracts butterflies in droves.

Bowl of Butterflies by heartcaptured: Taken at The Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens, PA. This little bowl of orange slices attracted butterflies in droves

Pebble Shore Lake (Lake McDonald), Glacier National Park Montana, US

Pebble Shore Lake/ Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States. Definitely on my "bucket lyst". Check out "Awesomeness" for more amazing photos.


The closest thing the US has to the Netherlands; "The Flower Path -Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2009 photo by Bryan Swan on Flicker"

Agate slices - nature is amazing.

Agate slices - nature is amazing. Agate is such a diverse stone, it comes in so many different color and amazing banding patterns. A true natural beauty


Floating Umbrella art installation in Agueda, Portugal; this installation is part of an art festival called Agitagueda; photo by Patrícia Almeida