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Material-Types, Sewing Machine Needle Tutorial, and Quick Color Guide to figuring out which needles are best for the fabric that you are using.

Sewing Machine Needle Guide

Knowing which sewing needle is needed for the fabric or project that you are working on can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. The type of needle is important, because if you…

Learn how to sew curves with this fantastic video tutorial

Learn How To Sew And Clip Curves

Learning how to sew and clip curves is an essential sewing skill! This easy to follow video tutorial will have you sewing curves expertly in no time!

Best Sergers 2020 - Serger Reviews - Comparaboo

The Internet has chosen the 10 best Serges. Various types of thread sergers exist today, so we at Comparaboo have put together this shopping guide to get you serging in no time!

How To Avoid Thread Nests While Sewing |

How To Avoid Thread Nests While Sewing

If your sewing and stitches aren't going smoothly, your sewing machine tension may be the problem. Here's how to determine where the problem lies, and how you can prevent thread nests as you sew.

Simple Diaper-Sewing Tutorials: T&T Doll Diaper

T&T Doll Diaper

Just a basic no-elastic and no absorbency doll diaper template... I am thinking of trying a few with PUL outers or just 2 layers of fleece...


Sewing is not just a hobby but also a fantastic practical talent. This is the reason which it has existed for many years. Over the past few years, interest in sewing has been going up due to easy availability of courses, guides as well as other things...

Understanding Thread Tension. Diagrams and how to fix sewing machine tension problems - very helpful! #sewing


As clothing products get increasingly more expensive, the simplest way of having a brand new outfit is to sew it yourself. You just need a sewing machine, a bit of fabric, ingenuity, time and some patterns to select from. You can always start out with...