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a black and white cow standing in the middle of a snow covered field with trees behind it
a black and white cow standing on top of a lush green field under a cloudy sky
country life
country life More
a herd of black and white cows standing on top of a lush green grass covered field
Cows in Sundown
Cows in Sundown by Peter Weje
a baby cow sticking its head over a fence
Precious little baby ❤❤❤
a mother cow and her two young calves under a tree
Cow and calves
a puppy running in the snow with its front paws on it's back legs
German Shepherd – Strong And Loyal
German Shepard puppy | #dogs #pets Sherman Financial Group #germanshepardpuppyblack #dogtraininggermanshepherd #dogobidience #germanshepherdtraining
a baby lamb standing next to a tree in the grass and straw covered ground with hay on it's side
There's no need to exploit and harm someone for your own pleasure or profit. ALL animals -- human AND nonhuman -- have the inherent rights not to be treated as someone's property or used/exploited for someone else's interests. We rob others of those rights and steal what isn't ours. We harm those who mean us no harm. If you wouldn't want to be treated like that, then don't do it to someone else! & &
a brown and white cow laying in the snow
My beauty
two brown and white cows laying on the ground next to each other in a field
Mom n baby
a cow is drinking from a plastic bottle
Mmmmilk is good
a brown and white cow laying in hay next to a stone wall with its head resting on it's side
💛💜💛💜 Horses, Men Women Children, Fotos, Perros, Beast, For Men
You think you can dance? Beat this! :joy::joy::joy:
Have fun with Wag Pets🐾