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Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning. Incredible India, International Style, Nepal Clothing, Swimming Outfits, Visit India, Kathmandu Nepal, South Asia, People Of The World, Indigenous Peoples
Parsley, Page, Rosemary & Thyme
Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning.
an ornate gold door on the side of a building
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Kathmandu - Eindrücke aus der Hauptstadt von Nepal
Nepal - Reisen - Reisetipps - Goldene Tür in Patan
two women are standing in front of an old building with open doors and holding umbrellas
Umbrella by Layla Perchal Neal / 500px
All in Pink, Kathmandu, Nepal
people are standing next to statues on the side of a building
Kathmandu, Nepal
an old building with carvings on the outside
Yatkha Bahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
many people are walking around in front of some buildings
kathmandu market
kathmandu market,Nepal
the face of a large statue with eyes painted on it
an old bell in the middle of a building
touch the earth
wonderful Nepal http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/asia/
a young child dressed in red and gold with an elaborate headdress on her head
Nepal - Living Goddess. Kumari. Living Goddess, incredible, i wonder what she has to do??
an elephant statue sitting on top of a metal stand
a statue of a monkey holding a ball in his hand and bells hanging from the ceiling
Nepal: Things to do in Kathmandu
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an old building with many spires on top
Kathmandu, Nepal
a person walking down an alley way carrying a basket
Katmandu, Nepal, via Serafini Amelia