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The Mirror Book Air comes very handy in my handbag

Honey, I shrunk the MacBook Air. Hmm, not quite the same ring to it. Touch up makeup or just check for spinach stuck in your teeth with the mini MacBook Air pocket mirror from Via LikeCool. All things Mac.

Laço - Geek Girl

Clip your hair back with this pretty Hair Bow so your hairs don't get in the way although you are bring into line the perfect headshot in your desired FPS.

8 Bit Bow Shoe Clips (by JanineBasil on Etsy)

Cute set of shoe clips to brighten up any day! Great for high heels, flats and even in the laces on your fav pair of Doc Martins! Geek Bride 8 Bit Bow Shoe Clips Pixel Bows White or by JanineBasil

Apple’s Power Mac G4s as a Coffee Table

Ryan Orr of Re:form Designs has taken two old style Apple Power Mac Towers, and transformed the retro computers into a funky coffee table.The coffee table has been named the Crunching Numbers

Heat Sensitive Battery Coffee Mug. I want!!

Kikkerland Battery Morph Mug - Are you fully Find out with this 11 oz. porcelain mug. Add a hot beverage and watch the battery graphic morph before your eyes to indicate "fully charged". As beverage cools, the graphic morphs back to its original state.

The Pumped Up Phone Stand

Pumped up iPhone Stand. This iPhone stand is so attractive with the shape of a pair of fashionable high heels. The titled surface and curved uppers make the shoe shaped phone stand perfect to hold your iPhone in a stunning visual effect.