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MY EDIT Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin SO MANY FEELS merthur merlinedit merlin edit merthuredit otp: just hold me merthur edit Oooooh the feels

haha :D MY EDIT Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin colin morgan merthur merlin x arthur merlinedit idiots in love merlin edit merthuredit merthur edit is this happy enough for you?

BBC Merlin merthur mine:edit merlinedit colinmorgasms I MADE THE EDIT a quick one because I have class in like 10 minutes but wheeee

Both? Both. Both. Both is good. Tulio and Miguel said it best, and now you can…

Both? Both. Both. Both is good. Tulio and Miguel said it best, and now you can too. Tired of chumps and nay-sayers trying to put down your rad bisexuality? Shut them down in the sassiest way. Beautiful Designs on Graphic Tees, Tanks and Long Sleeve Sh

I totally thought Albus, James, and Lily Potter would be in griffyndor since both Harry and Ginny were in griffyndor.

Harry Potter Valentine's Day card

Expecto Patronum - I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine! Valentines Card for sale on Redbubble here! (Big thank you hugs to my mum for helping me turn the original weird-cat-mammal thingy I had drawn into something that actually looked like an otter!

Harry Potter - Albus Severus Potter x Scorpius Malfoy - Scorbus

My answer will always be 'no' by ryounkura Albus Potter :)

Oh my gods. This is perfection........And then there's Leo in the background......

A beautiful Piper/Jason/Leo cosplay. Piper and Jason are being all couply and Leo's like "Come ON you weirdos, quit being disgusting and let's set Hedge on fire again.