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a drawing of a man's head with many different things on it
Art Intro - Symbolic Self-Portrait
lots of free middle and high art projects
Lots of free art lessons for art teachers!
an art piece with a girl wearing a dress and words written on it that say something
Girls, Girls, GIrls Mixed media wood signs
a card with flowers and butterflies on it, which says find joy in the ordinary
Spread Your Wings and Fly...
an altered photo with butterflies and words on it
Altered Burlap Canvas (Hero Art Blog Hop)
an art journal with some crafting supplies on the table
Fantasy Rust tags by Ola Khomenok
an altered collage with words and pictures on it, including a heart in the middle
Finding Peace - Shawn Petite
a drawing of a scarecrow wearing a witches hat
15 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Scarecrow