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two women holding glasses filled with drinks and orange slices on the rims, one woman's hand resting on her shoulder
Campari — Common Era
Campari — Common Era
a woman holding up a glass filled with red liquid and orange slices on top of it
Naomi Vance Photography
Food and Drink Photography - Glasgow
multiple shots of different types of drinks
Astrology - Cocktail Menu
a person holding a tray with drinks on it
Projects — NYC Director Photographer Moriah Sawtelle
Projects — NYC Photographer Moriah Sawtelle
two hands reaching for a martini glass on a tray
Wall art with Scandinavian design
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a person holding a wine glass in front of a wall with flowers on it's side
DRINK PHOTOGRAPHY - Andrea Di Lorenzo | Photographer
a person holding a lighter next to a drink in a glass on top of a tray
a person holding a wine glass over a table
Chapel Bar | Fotografiska New York
Behance, Cocktail Pictures, Woman Drunk, Photoshoot, Cocktail Images, Wine Parties
The Girl & Cocktail
a hand holding a glass filled with liquid on top of a blue chair in front of a wall
Drinks — Sidney Bensimon