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We all love the boys. It doesn't matter how long just as long as you will be there forever after :)

Sorry I don't watch British television.

this makes me cryyyyy he better be telling the truth

I cannot wait until that day comes

one direction funny | Tumblr this is lik another " WTF " moment XD

Bahahahahah I just died laughing

Haha/// Probably the best thing Gemma has tweeted with the one they asked her if she was tall and skinny like Harry and she said I wish

Hahaha blame it on the hair gorgeous! I love her!

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Bahaha XD I kind of hope Harry finds his true love, and only get's married once (the rest of the boys too) Their future wives are very lucky ladies :)>>>> truth and lmao so accurate if this actually happened

Typical Harry

Along with my hopes and dreams

Haha love this, I'm Irish I've never seen this but I know that all the niall dolls sell out the minute they come in! ❤️❤️

Ireland loves Niall, like Niall loves Ireland

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love this!  :) @Gemma Docherty Docherty Docherty Styles

I know Harry is the younger of the two but I have always wanted an older brother. (I only have one sibling and it is an older sister) If I had an older brother he could protect me from all the evil guys in the world.