not good to your pets

Health benefits of ghee.Ghee is the ultimate ingredient for vegetarians and anyone unable to tolerate dairy. Plus, it tastes incredible.

great snacks

Bill Gates' human experimentation with GM bananas in Africa condemned by scientists - Chiropractic and Natural Health Centers

cat love to eat melon

WARNING: Feeding your cats human food may not be safe. But if you insist on feeding them your food, please take pictures and post to the internet.

pets can keep us healthy

pets can keep us healthy

exposed to pets  from an early age

exposed to pets from an early age

always up for a walk,

always up for a walk,

sneakers for an evening  walk or jog

6 Fitness Training Exercises You Didn't Know You Were Doing - Mr Minds

Improved immune system

Improved immune system

feeling motivated to hit the gym

Learn about the basic Cesar dog training principals and start training your dog like the master Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan.

unconditional love they give

The number of animals harmed in domestic violence disputes is not only heartbreaking, but shocking as well. Encourage legislators to adopt a law that would not only protect victims, but ensure them the safety of their pets as well.