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modern home in rural Idaho / Olson Kundig

Award-winning American architect Tom Kundig designed Outpost, a small complex in the Idaho desert equipped with home, studio and walled-in garden, in which an artist can live and work.

Bauhaus Cabinet in Pink.

Inspired by the tubular steel furniture that Thonet produced for Bauhaus master Marcel Breuer, Bruno Weil – architect and artistic director of the Parisian division Thonet-Frères – developed more than.


The White Tower Building, Madrid, Spain The Torre Blancas is an architectural icon of the Spanish Organicism movement. Designed by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza and completed in this exposed concrete tower rises 71 meters above the Madrid skyline.

San Giovanni Bono, Milan, Arrigo Arrighetti (1968)

architectureofdoom: “ n-architektur: “ Church or pyramid? by [Biagio] ” San Giovanni Bono, Milan, Arrigo Arrighetti, 1968 ”

Kikutake’s Sky House: Where Metabolism  Le Corbusier Meet

Japanese architect Kiyonori Kikutake’s Sky House remains an exemplary project that defines the Metabolist agenda but, more significantly, underscores the notion that a single-family dwelling can be ideologically recursive and strategic.