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Beautiful Peacock

Peacocks are so mesmerizing and beautiful. Daddy God Almighty so OBVIOUSLY loves color. HE created sooo many things with RICH COLOR for us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Turkuaz-kaşlı Motmot

The Turquoise-browed Motmot, Eumomota Superciliosa, also called Torogoz by the inhabitants of El Salvador and Guardabarranco in Nicaragua; it inhabits Central America from South East Mexico

Resultado de imagem para bird

I recently ran across some photos taken in 2008 at the Wild Animal Park (now the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park) on my external hard drive, so I though I'd post a few -- like this shot of two affectionate Macaws.


Blue Throated Conure - The ochre-marked parakeet (Pyrrhura cruentata) is a species of parrot native to Brazil. It is also known as blue-throated parakeet, and red-eared conure.


Native American Indian Poem ~ "Great Eagle, King of the sky, lift my spirit up; carry me high. Wings of strength that float along, take me away ~ to freedom beyond ~ at peace I live, with you above; all that I give is: Heartfelt Love.


When Bob Croslin asked to take portraits of the feathered tenants at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in Florida, the staffers in charge thought he wante .