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Shoujo, Fan Art, Fanart

Shoujo, Fan Art, Fanart

I want THIS scene in the anime. - Ashiya Shirou & Maou Sadao<<<< They are my BrOTP

Anime picture with hataraku maou-sama! ashiya shirou winglayer single short hair highres wide image blonde hair sitting orange eyes looking down male apron table

Satan and Alciel - Hataraku Maou Sama >>> not sure if I ship it yet, but still cute

The Devil's demon friend takes good care of him in The Devil is a Part-Timer - Maou and Alsiel

So cute! - Ashiya Shirou & Maou Sadao (II know its a ship pic, but I dont ship them, but it is really good art)

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{ aka "The Devil is a Part-timer" } ~~ Summer night for the king of demons, his lieutenant, and Lucifer.

Anime picture with hataraku maou-sama!) winglayer single short hair looking at viewer purple eyes hair over one eye male wings blood feather (feathers)