Megan Fox

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How to Look Megan Fox-ish in 3.5 Steps: No, really.
Make double tap your betch.
Megan Fox. WHERE DO I BEGIN. Most beautiful woman on Earth and her outfit is so casual but pretty. AND HER HAIR. IS AMAZING.
Megan Fox ♥ After much though on what board she needed to be on I decided it had to be Girl Crush. Although her outfit IS killer!
Love the boots! Megan-fox B Brian Atwood Tempesta Suede Platform Booties- from Celebrity Style
Shorts, brown belt, grey/neutral cardigan, tank top/sleeveless top (Megan Fox)
Megan Fox. Normally she's "meh", but got it here, that's for sure...
HEY, it IS Megan Fox! God what I wouldn't give to be as beautiful (and normal) as her!!!!
Megan Fox
50 habits of naturally skinny people- funny cause I can't gain a pound... Ugh the woes of being skinny.

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I wish I looked like her, haha.
Can I be as beautiful as she is!!!!!
this is the type of look I wish I had. or to be more honest, this is exactly what I wish I looked like haha
Soft curls accent a natural vibe
dark hair, don't care
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Oh dear... The married couple were involved in a worrying accident after they were hit by a drunk driver, earlier this month
Gorgeous natural makeup and hair.. my woman crush♥
Shorts, brown belt, grey/neutral cardigan, tank top/sleeveless top (Megan Fox) #Style