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Jakub Gregorec
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We have Sherlotter, Jawn the hedgehog, Anderson the velociraptor, and Moriarty the bunny.HOW IS HE A BUNNY XD<--Also Mycroft the Ostrich. ---This is our fandom. << Welcome to the Sherlock fandom, everyone.

bahaha. couldn't help but repin. <3 sherlock,

I wasn't aware that being crazy was just a 'girly thing' but if I get to be Moriarty I will accept that label

Raggedy Man, Goodnight. #doctorwho

So sad! The feels!

A much more vicious motivator

When you realize that loves on this show are called pressure points, you start to think --maybe caring really isn't an advantage.

Until my last breath.

"This planet, these people are precious to me and I will defend them until my last breath." - Eleven - Doctor Who


I always see these quotes about Sherlock wanting to be a pirate and then the fandom draws cute little images of kid!lock dressed as a pirate, but what if Sherlock meant pirate as in modern-day-scary-big-guns-attacking-tankers-and-kidnapping-people pirate?