Klára Sladká

Klára Sladká

Klára Sladká
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The heart chakra's associated animal is the black antelope or gazelle, symbolising the lightness of physical substance.


Ajna Chakra (sixth). Non-duality. Centre of command. Two violet petals, third eye, head & senses. Neurological issues, problems with the senses.

Smar-hara Yantra, the ‘remover of desire’. The circle is the latent Kundalini Sakti, which penetrates beyond the successive planes of inwardness illustrated by the five male and female triangles which correspond to the five psychic sheaths that envelop the innermost self.  Yantra Symbolism.

Smar-hara Yantra, the ‘remover of desire’. The circle is the latent Kundalini…


In this Kundalini Yoga video experienced yoga instructor demonstrates several kriyas that are also suitable for beginners. Enjoy the benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

"The Guru who is capable of making each man's soul circulate within himself and illuminate him all over by his own power and knows the world by seeing within himself with complete equanimity, and seeing himself as The Creator is truly an Avadhuta".

CHAKRAMAN - 1880 - Nepal - a confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism - the red and white spheres at the bottom of the piece represent Ida and Pingala, the dual red and white kundalini energies.