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Yoga quotes

Yoga classes in Christchurch. Christchurch Yoga studio offering power yoga, hot yoga, yin, drop in or class passes. Yoga sessions or any level in Christchurch.

Keep smiling

My yoga teacher says: “If you turn the corners of your mouth up a little, you’ll feel much lighter”

Cili, chodime tam kvuli savasane :))

These hilarious yoga memes, GIFs and jokes break down exactly what a yoga class is like into nine easy steps. We bet these yoga memes will sound familiar.

My next challenge

Yoga pose -- a wicked hard arm balance that requires tons of core and shoulder strength yoga workout, yoga for beginners, yoga inspiration

Yoga girl

Yoga girl

Yoga athlete - man! :)

It has been proven that yoga is very effective for athletes. NBA players like Baron Davis and Blake Griffin, runner Joan Nesbit Mabe already .