Ajin - I don't feel like it ended. Especially since Kai's storyline just fell away. I *need* resolution!

Ajin - I don't feel like it ended. I *need* resolution! <-- this is what mangas good for


((Open Rp boy or girl needed.))*I limp away from a group of guys after getting beat up then I look up and see you staring*What?

Anime guy

Milo- milo is a half demon but he takes the form of a dragon. He has a baby dragon named Ace. Milo is 16 and he prefers guys company. Milo is a big flirt and he is the kings second hand man

Anime boy

Tongue << Is it just me or the white thingy word feels racist to me.

“民营Tokiwazaka学校 - 不道德的游戏 - ”

Yugashi tamora, doesn't give a fuck about anything especially you. Looking for a worthy opponent to fight.

But seriously, can you imagine if this was canon, and the first time they kissed was this, and this was how they became canon?---YAAAS DESTIEL FTW <<< did the op paraphrase a line from Toradora?