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Priscilla Smith said: English fashion plates from and French fashion plates from Year 9 of the French Republican Calendar. All images come from the collection of the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs.

A pelisse or pelisse-coat, a kind of women's outer garment which could be made in everything from the lightest silk to heavy fur. It was worn over a gown but could look like a gown itself, especially when floor length like this garment. The pelisse was made for a trousseau in 1823 for the wedding of the grandmother of the donor.

Pelisse: similar to a modern coat, full length with a typical empire period silhouette; usually made of silk or cotton with a lining

Spencer jacket: a short, close-fitting jacket, worn by women and children in the early 19th century.

Spencer Jacket: a short jacket worn by women and men that ended at the waistline. Typically, the color contrasted with the rest of the look.

Redingote (à la Hussarde) - c. 1815-England - KCI

Redingote à la Hussarde - White military inspired dress made of plain-weave cotton, with Hussar-style Brandenburg piping and pompom button closure - English - c.

Redingote 1810 The Kyoto Costume Institute. Was the inspiration for the lovely redingote that Emma wore in the 2009 BBC version of "Emma".

Redingote c. A military style, "redingote". The full-length, wool coat protected women wearing thin, muslin dresses from the intense cold of European winters.