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If only there was one where that cat was close to hurting another cat, Warriors style,

HHAHAHA, *slowly dying off* hahaha. *sigh* *whispers* attack on titan got me like this.<<< lmao me to AOT


Literal names. Bertholdt turtle, Reiner antlers, Jeans, and Mikasa volleyball


One way or another I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna get'cha get'cha get'cha <<<lol why xD <<< I wheezed

MMemes ϟ mystic messenger - #22 collares tumblr - Wattpad

MMemes ϟ mystic messenger - #22 collares tumblr

Am I making me spoilers of Luciel's route? Am I gonna stop? Did I dessesperately want Of course

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John Barrowman will eat his shirt if this kid dressed as a Magikarp comes back in 20 years dressed like a buff gyarados