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Vegan Makeup Brand Founder Shares Beauty Advice for 2017

Every woman desires luxury designer handbags, and just because you are vegan or vegetarian does not mean you have to refrain from guilty pleasures of

2014 has been a special year for us, not only because Address Chic was launched in this year but also because we discovered so many am

3 Vegans Share Their 2017 Resolutions

Beginning of a new year is the best time to make positive change in your lifestyle. How about starting with switching to an eco-friendly wardrobe? Do

Your guide to building an ethical capsule wardrobe

If there's ever a time to start making changes in your wardrobe and beauty cabinet and planning your travel list it is now - beginning of the new year

So you don't care about natural stuff. But when it comes to your everyday must-have deodorant you need to pay attention to what goes inside them. With