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Elena Shumilova one of the best children's portrait photographers in the world and possibly my favorite natural light photography ,post processing and editing techniques .

Great shot for graduating high schooler. / Untitled by Elena Shumilova

Photograph Hello winter by Elena Shumilova on

Photograph snow breakfast by Elena Shumilova on

Elena Shumilova’s magical photos

animal children photography elena shumilova 6 Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

Фотография The big friend автор Elena Shumilova на

The family’s pet dog, Misha, features prominently in many of her photos. Elena Shumilova a Russian Photographer takes magical photos of her sons with their farm animals

Elena Shumilova is a professional Russian photographer whose skill is evidenced in her series of child photographs. Her feeling and emotions are perfectly injected in the innocence and wonder of the child in winter

A Russian Photographer (Elena Shumilova) Takes Magical Photos Of Her Sons With Their Farm Animals

beautiful paths to walk: A Forest Path in Russia

Beautiful photo of a little one wading in a river . by Elena Shumilova

by Elena Shumilova, Russian photographer who lives on her farm in Russia with her children and farm animals

Gorgeous and touching photographs of photographer’s children and domestic animals on the farm

Elena Shumilova Photography - Waiting for a new spring

the snows. by Elena Shumilova - Photo 63876305 -