Leveogdø Drømtilvirkelighet

Leveogdø Drømtilvirkelighet

Leveogdø Drømtilvirkelighet
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"My sexual orientation does NOT determine my style, how I speak, what I like, my sex drive, my personality. DON'T STEREOTYPE!" #gsm #lgbtq #feminism

sexual orientation does not mold a person or determine who they will be. so many closed minded people stereotype gay communities, all just to put them down. people dont like change as much as they want change they fear ant sign of it

On your mind...

First thing in the morning and always last thing at night, your image is always a delightful presence in my mind and the beating of my heart accompanies your rhythms my darling.

learn how to drive  @beforeidie- #webstagram

In my case, my parents couldn't teach me this. Basically because they are too neurotic, so I learned with this teacher who also was a therapist.