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~Yaoi King~

I love yaoi anime, comics, music and my girlfriend.
~Yaoi King~
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I love how the boys are "THIS IS OUR WOMAN!!! LOOK AT HOW MAJESTIC SHE IS!!" And Eliza is just "These are my complete idiots. I love them"

Omg the Will Smith thing


tis the season to forgive and forget even though he terrorized most of them happy holidays everyone! hope you all have a wonderful day surrounded by good friends and family!

I love this comic from......I forgot the name of the guy who did this.....ffffffff

Sad boi just wants to be feared

fotos, fan art, gifs. nada de lo que se encuentra en este libro me … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

I know this is from a Thorki board. I don't ship Thorki and don't like it, but I like this little gif.

pinterest // nobeautywithoutintelligence

"You are nothing but a weapon," the man hissed at his teary eyed son." A clenched fist was raised and Saint braced himself for the familiar pain of the strike.