☆*: Atalanté :*☆

☆*: Atalanté :*☆

Hey guys! :) I'm planning to quit this Pinterest. Is there anyone who would like to take over this account? Write me please ^^
☆*: Atalanté :*☆
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I am energy. I am galactic. I am psychedelic. ॐ

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Stunning Artwork by Morgan Davidson

Morgan Davidson Illustration - I'm a 23 year old Ringling College Graduate with my BFA in illustration. I grew up in Southwest Florida and have always had a strong passion for drawing and an artistic career from a young age.

Cosplay Center • tutorial • lyrium • dragon age • cosplay — arkadycosplay: A bunch of people asked me to...

DIY Drinkable Glowing Lyrium Drink Tutorial from arkadycosplay.arkadycosplay A bunch of people asked me to make a tutorial about how I did my glowing lyrium potion, so I finally made one! It works for any kind of glowing potion you want to drink so.