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When all my chronic illnesses attack me at the same time, this does happen! :'-(

Many designers are interested in different aspects of typography for obvious reasons and some even use it in their art and statements. This time we've had a look around to find some examples of typography with strong messages.

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Jamie Campbell Bower & Ed Skrein Buddy Up At Diesel Black Gold Fashion Show!: Photo Ed Skrein and Jamie Campbell Bower flash a smile together while posing backstage at the Diesel Black Gold fashion show on Monday (January in Milan, Italy.

Jamie Campbell Bower ~ BTA (By The Angel ;) ) Jamie...a beanie?!.... I. Just. Died. <3

Sean) *unintentionally stats to play all of you* oh hey Sam this is your song! Sam) honestly it's not any more we are going through a rough patch play something better like gold digger or something