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Realistic Fire Text Effect Tutorial

In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial. We will learn how to create a fiery portrait effect. We will be using fire images, gradients, other textures and mor.

► Here, on the summit we cry

Watch in HD - I love this song is perfect. so at first I thought I'd do it for just one show but eventually he won Multifandom, so I really used my BEST show.

fitz & simmons || my best friend ( HBD Sil )

Watch in HD Dedication: Sil (happy birthday SIS) I know it's your birthday in July, but I'm not at work, but I could not wait.

Merlin Tribute (Who We Are)

Warning- This video contains spoilers from season 1 - 5 for the amazing series 'The adventures of Merlin' HD! Colin and Bradley deserve it!

Matt Murdock || Black

actual video I put together so for 2 hours, but slowly converting it took me 5 hours.

Stefan&Caroline || Oliver&Felicity - This Isn't Control

Stefan&Caroline || Oliver&Felicity - This Isn't Control

Merlin || You are a memory [CTSC]

Watch in HD - This is the video for the contest "Convice the show contest" organized by Catty.

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