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Matyáš T. Jílek

Matyáš T. Jílek
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Gay guys kissing in a collection of exceptionally hot pictures. This isn't about sex, rather it's about guys connecting in passion and or love.

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The benefits of Cinnamon (from The Iron You)

Cinnamon came from Egypt 2000 + years ago is great for fighting fat among many other health benefits! In Biblical Times it was worth more than gold! Cinnamon has Anti-Clotting, Anti-Microbial,Blood Sugar Control and Brain Heart Health benefits as well .

finis_everglot_by_imsorryscott34-d6k8816.jpg (480×320)

MRW I see another "[f]irst time be gentle" type title but my inner wardcannon tells me to be nice.

Maudeline Everglot (Corpse Bride) by on @DeviantArt

Handmade figures from cartoon "Corpse Bride" Maudeline Everglot (Corpse Bride)