Stefan Sabo

Stefan Sabo

Prague, Czech Republic / Online w/ #Nexus7 (2013/LTE) * addict to #TrainTRIP-s & #travel * Live #SPAM-er on TW * complicated person * #4SQ #SU2 * Head of #CZCampuseros * - @obaSnafetS
Stefan Sabo
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my FourSquare time machine stats!

#4SQ #TimeMachine * 31/12/2013 * 2013/12/31 * NYE

The Foursquare Time Machine

Railings outside The British Museum

An awesome detail on an iron fence! Check the detail! The Photo by Michal Dzierza, taken in Bloomsbury, London. Although not mentioned by the photographer, I strongly uspect that said cast iron gates relate to the British Museum.