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Aww! I really like really want to find one that has my name on it

Coca-Cola knows. Let's just let me tell you, we have new fans in our fandom.Coca-Cola, have fun with us and please don't make me cry again as hard as I cry right now.

A passionate kiss in the rain

x-illicit-intentions-x: “💞 It’s the little things.

Haha!!! I'm not a Larry shipper but this is just so funny.!!!

I'm not a Larry shipper but this is just so funny.>>>at this point, holy water is not even going to work on my dirty soul

larry stylinson notebook - Google Search

larry stylinson notebook - Google Search

is this true?? That's so sad D: Harry darling, you're not losing fans, promise! We're just worried about what she'll do to you... We just want you to be happy!

Louis is such a good boyfriend need to shut the hell up over the Haylor BS. If you're a true Directioner you wouldn't cause Harry hate and pain over Taylor's childish behavior. Get a life.

For all you Larry Shippers out there. (:

All the directioners I meet on social media are like you ship Larry and I'm like yeah I do there like Larry isn't real I used to ship it but not any more and you are disrespecting the gay