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How to draw comics. It looks like Stevens universe though.

crazyhamlet: “artist-refs: “Phoneme Chart by TheEndIsNearUs ” This is a nice chart! Lipsync is one of my not-so-secret passions. I also hate front mouths. They’re harder to inbetween, I find, and.

I used to be all abt like "kms" and lowkey depression and suicide jokes but they don't even seem funny anymore. I'm actually losing interest in living and fighting. I'm so drained in every way, I don't have motivation for anything.

Ma colère

ART: ‘I tried to paint on canvas: fists were paintbrushes & blood was oil. My aim was to use my body as it really is : a material. So I fused a canvas.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson wears a Alexandre Plokhov jacket and boots, John Varvatos shirt and Fangophilia rings. /PAPERMAG Photographed by Terry Richardson JOKING Nobody cares : have You noticed The Word GOD is in A triangle/ pyramide?