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k-is4korean — How to pronounce the Korean letter ㄹ Seems like...

How to pronounce the Korean letter ㄹ Seems like no matter what language you’re learning, the letter R is always a difficult one to pronounce for beginners. Korean is no exception. In Hangul the R.

Olympic Flag Coloring Pages

Use these Olympic Flag Coloring Pages to let your kids craft and color with them. Perfect to learn the countries, flags and more about the Winter games.

France map coloring page

France map coloring page. This beautiful France map coloring page from MAPS coloring pages is perfect for kids, who will appreciate it.

Name the Country- Caribbean - C2, W9

This map worksheet along with the detailed map of Latin America would be very useful for a social studies class that is learning about different cultures. The worksheet will make sure the students understand the map of the country and what is within in.