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I've always thought that the X-Men have their own Marvel Universe.
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X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #1 Variant


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X-Men #1 (1963). Art by Jack Kirby.
EXTERMINATION #4 (of 5) John Cassaday Variant Cover
Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 5) #13 Williams Variant

The Original X-MEN

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PHOENIX OMNIBUS Vol. 1 Cover by Russell Dauterman
Fallen Angels (Vol. 2) #5 Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant Cover by Scott Williams and Christopher Stevens.

Dark Phoenix Saga

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X-Men (Vol. 2) #11 Remastered Cover
X-Men poster art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Joe Chiodo
X-Men by Jim Lee

90's X-Men

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X-Men Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Cover by Billy Tan.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men - Age of Apocalypse 2005 #1 Cover by Mark Brooks
Colossus in the Age Of Apocalypse events (1995 - Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen #1)

Age Of Apocalypse

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New X-Men #130 Cover by Ethan van Sciver
Cover by Frank Quitely, Tim Townsend and Brian Haberlin.
Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #10 Uncanny X-Men Variant by Phil Jiminez

New X-Men

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Astonishing X-Men - John Cassaday
ASTONISHING X-MEN #2 - John Cassaday Una de mis portadas favoritas

Astonishing X-Men

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HoX/PoX - Dawn of X

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X-Men (2021) #6 Pepe Larraz Variant
Cover by Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia

Fearless X-Men

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X-Men #100 (1976)
X-Men by Dave Cockrum
Art by Dave Cockrum.

X-Men - Dave Cockrum

16 Pins
X-Men Pin-Up by John Byrne
The trial of Jean Grey - Classic John Byrne

X-Men by John Byrne

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X-Men - Alex Ross

23 Pins
House of X #1 Character Decades Variant by Marco Checchetto.


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By David Finch, Danny Miki & Frank D'Armata


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X-Men Origins: Gambit - Cover by David Yardin


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House of X #1 Flower Variant by Sara Pichelli and Dean White.
By Patrick Brown


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X-Men Black: Magneto Cover by J. Scott Campbell
X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #1 Variant


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House of X #5 Cover Art by Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia
Cable (Vol.2) #15 Variant Cover by Ariel Olivetti.


7 Pins
By Carlos Gomez and Jesus Aburtov
X-Men Unlimited #7 Pin-Up by Paul Smith.


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X-Factor members through the ages by Clay Mann
X-Factor (2020) #1 Variant Cover by Scott Williams, David Finch and Sabine Rich.


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New Mutants (2009) #1
New Mutants (2019) #1 Variant

New Mutants

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This is the cover for X-Men Gold Annual #1, drawn by Alan Davis.
Excalibur #1 Back Cover by Alan Davis and Paul Neary.


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X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special #1 Variant by Jay Anacleto & Rain Beredo


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