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I know he is just acting here, but seeing him cry breaks my heart. I want to give him a hug and let him cry on my shoulder.

A'ww Tom you little cutie!! I dont know how you can get cuter than that!! Gah (GIF set)

A'ww Tom you little cutie! I dont know how you can get cuter than that! Gah (GIF)<<<<< i know!

... sin palabras...

*gif* I love how his pupils dilated, and I'm not just pinning this because its Tom. Eyes have always fascinated me, and his are gorgeous, but I just love to see them open and all the motion in just one action.<<yas he has vvv beautiful eyes

Loki: Ik this should go to my avenger board, but the emotion reminds me of something.

Loki ~ a boy who lost his way and his Mom.<----Omg that is a Nico di angelo description right there.They are so alike.<--- pinning for the comments. <------- Also pinning for the comment!