Insan yuzu yenidoganin en cok dikkat ettigi gorsel uyaranlardandir. Bu yuzleri bebeginizin alt degistirme unitesinin yanina asin.

Found this page in one of my older sketchbooks of DoteeDoll faces. Feel free to use these to embroider your own Dotee faces!

Ikke dumt 🤗 Stress Ball Balloons - balloons filled with playdough, with faces drawn on with markers. These are a great for discussing emotions as well as giving those little finger muscles a good work out!

Facial expressions coloring page.  This was re-pinned by  Follow all our boards.

Want to let your child experience different types of emotions through some coloring activity? Then, check 10 amazing free printable emotions coloring pages.

LEGO Block feelings chart

LEGO Block feelings chart (Child Life--coping strategy) for kids who might relate more to Legos than the typical smiley faces, especially older kids.