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ben aaronson paintings | Ben Aronson : Painting Perceptions

Ben Aronson Closed Ramp, West Side Highway, oil on panel, 52 x 46 inches Ben Aronson distills and composes the urban clutter into pure abstracted forms that retain a sense of place.


A confession: I know NOTHING about geology or gems. But this stuff is amazing. (A rare moment of humility. This wine stuff works.i find this color enticing.and i know the reason, but i cannot speak to it.

How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth : Nature News & Comment

How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth Astronomers hope to grab the first images of an event horizon — the point of no return.

Super massive black hole

Super massive black hole view from above --an artist's depiction that is fascinating, looking much like an in the midst of the

C'è un tempo della vita in cui ti aspetti che il mondo sia sempre pieno di novità. Poi arriva il giorno in cui ti rendi conto che non è affatto così. Ti accorgi che semmai la vita ti sta riempiendo di buchi. Assenze. Perdite. Cose che erano e non sono più.

A binary black hole system, viewed edge-on. This pair of extremely dense objects twists and warps spacetime as the two black holes spiral in…

You're an explosion of light and joy.

Its a Composite of 2 Shots. 1 took for Simple Milky Way and on Other Shot I did Zoom Burst Technique (Through Lens) on Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India. Milkyway (Milky Way) at Pangong Lake ( Pangong Tso ) , Ladakh, India.