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Irča Sikorova

Irča Sikorova
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Or football season...or baseball...or soccer...ok it's just sports in general lol

Dear Naps, I'm sorry I was a jerk to you as a kid. Now that you're an adult and can never sleep, you'll wish you could take back your naps! Fight the sleepiness and pressures of being an adult with this lazy and funny shirt!

Handsome guy with locs. Dreads, dreadlocks. Can I ride w/ you?

Black Men Are Beautiful. I don't know who this brother is but his attire, his skinny tie, he's reading, and his beautiful dreads. God is a man with dreads!

I Dont Need A Guy With Dreads Man..Makes Me Think Some Sinful Things...Forgive Me Now Oh Lord..

I Dont Need A Guy With Dreads Man.Makes Me Think Some Sinful Things. I want my eyes like his