artomobiles: “ Tatra Type 87 Producing in Czechoslovakia during the most turbulent years of the last century, the Tatra Type 87 managed to be far ahead of it’s time. The radical body shape.


CARS Advertising Illustration - "Tatra", b/ n ink illustration, brochure advertising.

Tatra car advertising, Czechoslovakia

1959 brochure for the fabulous Tatra an aircooled super saloon from Czechoslovakia.

Hans Ledwinka's Revolutionary Tatras

With a drag coefficient so low that it's rarely beaten even today, the Tatra 77 of 1933 onwards really had a valid claim to be the World's most advanced car. A genuine car, it was powered by a rear-mounter aircooled engine of

Tatra by Vaclav Zapadlik

Vintage Cars and Racing Scene, Automotive Art of Vaclav Zapadlik - Tatra Antique Car, Antique Cars Art illustration Wallpaper 16