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Helena Klimova
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Silent Signals for Classroom Management {Posters} First Grade and Kindergarten. These are meant to be used to help minimize classroom interruptions with issues like asking to go to the bathroom, get a drink, throw trash away and sharpen or trade out a pencil. Students signal the teacher using one of these 4 silent signals ...and teacher can quickly give permission. Includes lighter and darker skin tones. $

These silent signals will reduce interruptions when a student wishes to get out of their seat. The student can simply give one of the silent signals from their desk and the teacher can respond without having to stop instruction.

Letters in your name

NAMES: Letters in My Name Graph - For this activity, students will need a letters in my name/letters not in my name blackline and an alphabet blackline. The kids have to cut apart the letters and glue them on the correct side of the graph.